Account Manager Position Available

The position is virtual and can be performed from anywhere that access to a WiFi connection is available. The work is very rewarding both financially and intellectually. What is most attractive about working as an account manager with our organization is the lifestyle flexibility, earning potential and the opportunity to do meaningful work. We are in the service and expertise business and have demonstrated the ability to produce results.

Our account managers are the bridge between new and existing clients and our talented project managers and production personnel. Account managers work with one to three vertical markets and or a designated geographical area.

The day to day work involves working from a prospect database and reaching out to prospects via email, social media and phone calls. The account manager chooses the vertical that they believe offers the best chance of success. The vertical may be an area of business that they have a passion for, or it may be a market they consider to have the greatest need for our product and service.

The account manager is confident that they can be successful bringing our product and service to the marketplace. The account manager is comfortable and confident at communicating with prospects and if the need exists asking that prospect for their business.

The account manager submits proposals and or agreements to prospects, however account managers are not required to prepare proposals and agreements, project managers perform that function.

The foundation of the account manager income is recurring revenue agreements. With the account manager free from the responsibility of client fulfillment the account manager is positioned to build a significant portfolio of long term clients.

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